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This section is dedicated to using the internet for learning about important programs and training. You can find many helpful materials and bookmark them for future study or just print out the desired pages.

Feel free to email me with links that you find helpful and I will add them to the web site so others can benifit.

Preparing for emergencies is a slow process and we hope to demonstrate many different processes so that you can choose the right one for you and your family.

The motto is:" Being Prepared To Help Others".

Many of those around you will need a calm and thought out plan so that peace and security can be restored.
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from PG&E
Water Purifying
Basic Needs For Home And Auto
Stored water / 1 gallon per day per person
Light source / batteries / whistle
Heat source / fuel for cooking and cleaning
Space blanket for warmth and staying dry
Bottles of water / 1 per person
Light source / batteries / whistle
Candles for light and heat source
Space blanket for warmth
and staying dry
Basic Kit
February 3 - Introduction to food preparation #1 - Werner Bietz
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Flares / warning lights
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Ham Radios
- How to Grow Sprouts from Seed in a Mason Jar
- Edible Wild Plants Video Field Guide to 100 Useful Wild Herbs
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- How to Harvest Wild Grown Edible Sea Vegetables
- Learn About Dulse, One of the Best Tasting Seaweeds
- Coastal Survival School - Tom talks Seaweed foraging
Book Reviews
Food Storage
March 3 - Preparedness For Major Earthquakes
Youtube Videos - with the Gingery family.
- Totally Unprepared #1
- Totally Unprepared #2
- Totally Unprepared #3
- Are you ready ?
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