Videos for Grade Schoolers K - 8
We hope you enjoy this section of videos. The staff at Vocational Activities are working hard to provide educational and inspirational videos for young people K-8.
Tooney Tales Simple Puppet Construction
Our clown Tooney Tales shows us how to make puppets with simple on hand items around the home and a small amount of inexpensive things you can purchase locally.
Vocational Activities - May 9, 2019 - Build a mother's day Flower Box
Hosted by: Fort Bragg Grace Community Church
Learning how to use power saws and pneumatic nail guns safely. Slogan for the day was: Fingers, Fingers, Fingers.
Teaching proper soldering techniques
Basic lessons on connecting wires
Fun with model steam trains
This was a fun day with model trains and "Deb" showed us her custom built steam engines.
Leafy Sea Horse Dragon
We had fun at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Leafy Sea Horse Dragon - It looks like a plant and an animal.
Vocational Activities Soldering 1
Action Bible Stories presents:
"Touched by an Angel"
This is the story of Jacob returning home and hoping Esau will forgive him for all of the tricks he had played on his brother.
Abram learns to listen to God.
This story tells of how Abram was told to move and leave the land of Ur. This story is based on Genesis 11 -12.
A story about the Netherlands..
Mrs. Bietz shares a story from the; "The Children's Book of Virtues. This story takes place in Holland.
Action Bible Story about Joseph Part 1
This fun story is about Joseph and show how God is going to lead him with dreams he has. Part 1 is about the jelousy that his brothers have but God has plans for Joseph.
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Action Bible Story about Joseph Part 2
Joseph is such Godly man and he listen to God for peace and strength. I am sure you will like this adventure in Part 2.
Werner Bietz sharing Bible Belles
This story tells us how we have an angel watching over us. It is from Psalm 91:11
Rense is the presenter and this is part 3 of the story about Joseph in the Bible.
Joseph Part 4
Another story of the Action Bible - Joseph Part 4
My name is Tooky.
Sir Royal Tooky.
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Joseph part 5
The Action Bible has another exciting adventure for you. Rense Miller is the presenter.
Joseph Part 6
This is the last part in a series about Joseph and his brothers. This story shows the reconciliation power of God.
The presenter is Rense Miller
Children's Book of Virtues - "Touch the Stars"
Karen Bietz shares many things about how far the stars are and how long it would take for us to reach them. She tells about a little girl that wanted to touch the stars.
Tooky preaches at Fort Bragg Grace Community Church
Tooky reads from 1 kings 17:1-5. How the ravens can bring food.
Tooky's Christmas Miracle
In this puppet story Tooky and his friends learn how God sent His Son and the light to guide our way in a dark world.
Immanuel, God with us!
Chris O'Brien reads the Bible story of Jesus's birth
Werner Bietz sharing Bible Belles
Story of Esther from the Bible
The Ginderbread Pirates story with presenter Werner Bietz
Here we have a tale of Christmas from Werner
Tookie gets a
 Surfer Dude learns about the beatitudes from
Tooney Tales
Roofus and Scardy Cat Jazz Duo
Where's Cletey
Tookie has a melt down on the stage
Please pray for him.
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