Training Materials and Instructions
Recording Format and Outline Suggestion
Recording Requirements for Sound Stage
Vocational Learning Online Program Proposal
PDFs for printing out.
Video Presentation Criteria
Video Sound Stage At Fort Bragg Grace Community Church
Permission Release and Session Application
Form for Scene Descriptions and Timing for the Cameraman and Director
We have provided some suggestions for learning and growing into the presentations of the video recording. Print these out as needed.
3 Main Parts to Prepare For.
Planning Notes for director
Recording instructions.
Post editing and delivery.
The Production Department
Learning from start to finish
Recording Requirements for Sound Stage
Vision for the program
Suggestions that will help us to keep a very loving and encouraging presentation.
Reasons for having a sound stage that will make the videos streamlined and fun.
It is important to remember some people will want to use their gifts for a variety of venues and formats.
Here is a way to plan scenes by using a stopwatch for the camerman.
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